In view of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, ND is perplexed about the further reduction of supplementary pensions and further increases in electricity bills. 

Indicative of its concern is that while the issue of pensions has been known for some days now, the party leadership has not yet determined its attitude. ND and government members Stavros Dimas and Dimitris Avramopoulos are asked to agree to a reduction of supplementary pensions, while Samaras says that if he wins the elections he will proceed with the restoration of low-level pensions, and while just last Monday he asked the government to reduce employer contributions.

It will also be asked to approve the increase in electricity prices that started at 15% and has dropped to 12%, while the electricity bill is already saddled with the real estate hike. 
If ND refuses to approve the onerous measures for the working classes, it will cause a government crisis and will be against partners and lenders who require sacrifices in blood. If it agrees, it will show that it is one and same with the other two governmental allies, while it will compromise Samaras’ profile even further. Most likely it will require a smaller increase in the price of electricity and smaller reductions in supplementary pensions, and then make a communication effort to ascribe the responsibility to the PASOK side.

It is noted that given the chance, ND attacks the president of GENOP-PPC who wants the company to follow a pricing policy with greater social sensitivity. However, a possible agreement of the "blue leadership" is very likely to cause reactions within the party, as well by members of the populist right and the union forces that require Samaras to leave the coalition government as soon as possible.