The minister of Finance insists that remaining in the euro is the only way for the country and this is what he underlined in a speech at the Financial and Social Committee during an event entitled, “From the crisis to social and financial development”. 

Venizelos stressed that if we did exit the Eurozone then probably we would also be faced with the complete decay of the social and national fabric, characteristically saying that, “nobody trusts anybody for nothing”.

He also underlined that things could have been different in Greece if, from the beginning, we had had a common national line to follow.

”A different route could have been followed, if society had been open to structural changes from the beginning”.

Speaking about the PSI, he said that Greece “is close to reaching an agreement, this I do believe”. 

Moreover, the Finance minister asked all parties that support this interim government to agree on a national taxation system.

If they do not agree then there is no reason, according to Venizelos. to vote on a new tax law. “Everything can be put on the table as long as there is a beginning, middle and end. In order to be able to change a measure we need to know what to replace it with”.