Earlier on Tuesday morning, the Greek parliament released the property statements of all politicians concerning the year 2009 and declared in the 2010 tax returns. 

George Papandreou  

The former premier declared a yearly income of 122,113.94 euros as a result of his financial remuneration, while his wife declared 2,045.83 euros.

He has money deposited at the National Bank of Greece and in Alpha Bank, while his spouse has two accounts, one at Emporiki Bank and the other at Alpha Bank.

Papandreou declares only one property, in Nea Erythrea, Athens and Mrs Papandreou owns one apartment in Patras and 50% of another one, also in the same city. They declare one 1996 car.
Antonis Samaras

His 2009 income equals 107,150 from the position he held in parliament, while from other sources he declared 110,695.28 euros. 

His wife declared 53,924.10 euros.

They have one apartment in the city centre of Athens and a piece of land in Messinia in the Peloponnese. Also, Mr Samaras’ wife owns an apartment and a shop in Nafplion, an apartment, a house and one office in Athens and finally two plots, one in Ekali and the other one in Kallithea, both in Athens.

Moreover, they have shares in ΑΝΕΝ LINES and Smartstore Ag. and accounts at the National Bank of Greece, KBC BANK, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, HSBC and 4,000 British pounds sterling in another bank.

The family owns two cars. 

Aleka Papariga

The General Secretary of the Communist Party declared 91,750 euros as MP income and 43,401.25 euros from different sources. She has one car and a 90 sq.m. apartment in Athens.

Alexis Tsipras

His income was 22,872 euros from his parliamentary position and 25,332.63 euros from other sources. He owns an apartment in Athens and has also two accounts at Alpha Bank and the National Bank of Greece.

Yiorgos Karatzaferis

LAOS president is the most affluent of all leaders, as he declared an income of 102,324.4 euros from his MP post and another 165,750 euros from different sources, whereas his wife declared 6,000 euros.

The couple owns a plot in Palaio Faliro, Athens, and a storehouse in Korinthia. Moreover, there are apartments and a parking lot in Kallithea, Attica, a house in Keratea, an apartment in Palaio Faliro, a house in Fthiotida, plots in Korinthia and Arkadia, two apartments in Athens, one in Mati, Attica, and a plot in Katerini.

He sold one car he had in the past and bought 2 new ones, while he also owns a boat.

Fotis Kouvelis

As an MP he declared 93,515 euros and 2,048 euros from other sources.

He has also got a plot in Argolida, Peloponnese, while he already owned a warehouse and an apartment in Kypseli, a lot in Evia, one house, two plots and 6 lots in Trikala, while his wife owns 5,000 Capital AXE shares.

The family has three cars and bank accounts at Emporiki Bank, the National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank.

Dora Bakoyannis

As an MP, Mrs Bakoyannis declared an income of 99,723 euros and 29,662 from different sources, while her spouse declared a 273,587.49-euro income.

She owns a house in Glyfada, two apartments on Aravantinou Str., an office in downtown Athens, two lots in France, a house and land in Evritania, 3 plots in Chania, Crete and her husband declared, among others, 4 apartments, offices and shops, all situated in Athens. 

Moreover, Bakoyannis has Alpha Bank sharess while her spouse owns more than a million euros in his portfolio.

She has bank accounts at the National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Hyqovereins Bank and Deutshe Bank. Her husband has 11 bank accounts and deposits both in euros and in dollars and last but not least, he is a capital shareholder in 6 maritime companies.