Lucas Papademos’ government is asked today to deal with its most serious and dangerous problem, as ND’s willingness to vote negatively on the supplementary pension cuts might lead to a breakup and early elections.

The oppositional estrus of ND has irritated Maximos Mansion and the ranks of ministers of PASOK, who hoped that such issues related to the implementation of commitments for the smooth lending of our country had been resolved by achieve the governmental cooperation. 

Thus, everyone awaits with great interest for today's cabinet meeting to which the ministers belonging to ND will be invited to comment on these specific issues. 

Government members from PASOK admit that Samaras position is difficult, as any consent leads to complete identification with the memorandum policy, apportions him much of the society’s discomfort and exacerbates the controversy about the actual available margins to implement a different policy. 

They also wonder how the leadership of ND did not understand that government cooperation includes such painful decisions as well, particularly when Papademos made ​​it clear from the beginning that the agreement is not only for ensuring the 6th tranche, but also for realising all those policies needed to implement the agreement of October 26. 

ND spokesman Yannis Michelakis claimed that ND disagrees with the reductions of supplementary pensions and will not pass such legislation in parliament, because this measure was not mentioned when discussing the budget and that such decisions are the work of the next government. He also hinted that if the parliament votes for the permanency of the property hike through PPC bills, ND will vote against.