Immediately after his apology on Tuesday, the perpetrator of the gruesome murder of 22yo Andriana Gardikioti was transferred to Grevena prison.

Stathis Efstathiou had initially requested for a deadline of 48 hours for his apology, but his request was denied. He will also be taken to a psychiatrist in Kozani.

Panic prevailed outside the Kastoria court on Tuesday afternoon as tens of citizens gathered to condemn the murderer.

"I adored Anna…"

"I adored Anna. Even if we were together for only a year I believed she was the woman of my life. I loved her and I was doing everything I could to be with her. She was very beautiful and social. Men were always approaching her and I couldn’t stand it."

Efstathiou also told police that on that fateful night he had a fight with Andriana as he believed she was cheating on him.

"I told her I was sure she was cheating on me. She denied it but I did not believed her. She told me she could not stand it anymore and wanted to brake up with me. I blanked out and did what I did…".

The coroner is talking about a savage torture

According to information the forensic examination showed that Andriana was brutally tortured before dying in the hands of the 35yo murderer.

"The young lady had more than 78 blows all over her body from a screwdriver and a knife. She had about 35 blows in the neck and thorax and dozens of others in the rest of her body. Of these most are defensive, while others, such as in the back and legs, which are superficial, suggest that the murderer punished and tortured her. This crime is unprecedented," said coroner Ioannis Fountos. But as he said on “Espresso” newspaper, the forensic examination has yet to reveal whether he came into sexual intercourse with the girl before or after her death.