Weather: rainfall and snow, intense in the north with decline in the afternoon.
Winds: northern 6-9B.
Temperature: 2-8C, 3 less in the north.

Weather: overcast and rainy, gradually decreased and limited in the east during the night.
Winds: northwestern 6-8B declining from the afternoon.
Temperature: 0-3C.

Macedonia and Thrace

Weather: snow in the mountains and sleet in the lowlands that will stop during the night in most regions.
Winds: northern northeastern 4-6B and 7-9 in the east.
Temperature: -2 – 5C, 4 less in western Macedonia.

Ionian, Epirus, western mainland and western Peloponnisos

Weather: rainfall, storms and snowfall in the mountains and lowland areas of Epirus and western mainland.
Winds: northern 4-6B and up to 7-8 in the Ionian.
Temperature: 1-12C, 5 less in Epirus.

Thessaly, eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos

Weather: overcast with snowfall in western Thessaly, and sleet in the rest of the northern and lowland regions. Rainfall and storms in the south, intense in Thessaly, Sporades and eastern mainland-Evia, but will gradually decrease.
Winds: northern northeastern 5-7B and up to 9 in the east.

Cyclades and Crete

Weather: intense rainfall and storms and snow in the mountains of Crete.
Winds: variable 5-9B.
Temperature: 7-13C.

Dodecanese and eastern Aegean

Weather: rainfall and storms locally intense.
Winds: variable at 4-8B.
Temperature: 9-14C, 5 less in the north.

Xmas eve

Weather: rainfall and light snow in Chalchidiki, eastern Thessaly, Sporades, eastern mainland, Evia, eastern Peloponnisos, Cyclades, Crete, Dodecanese and eastern Aegean. Cloudy skies for the rest of the country.
Winds: northern 4-6B, up to 8 in the Aegean, with decline during the night.
Temperature: very low, below zero in many regions, with frost forming in the north during morning and night.

Xmas day

Weather: rainfall and snow in Crete and Dodecanese. Rest of the country will have overcast skies increased in the west and western Macedonia with rainfall and storms. Snow is expected at the northern parts of Macedonia.
Winds: eastern 4-6 and up to 8 in the Ionian in the west, and northern 4-6B and up to 7 in the Aegean in the east.
Temperature: very low, with intense frost forming in the north during the morning and night.


Weather: lightly overcast, increased in the east and south with light rainfall and snow in the mountains of Epirus. It will improve on Tuesday.
Winds: northeastern 5-8B, decreasing on Tuesday.
Temperature: low, with intense frost forming in the north during the morning and night.