“The country cannot go to the polls for as long as it is negotiating the PSI” and “PASOK issues should be taken care of, with the utmost goal being the salvation of the country” was what the Finance minister Evangelos Venizelos said concerning the Greek elections. 

The minister asked all parties for help, both the ones which participate in the government and the rest of them who are outside the present scheme in order to save Greece and forget “the personal expectations and other ambitions, one might have”.

As far as intra-party issues are concerned, Venizelos said they should not remain in the sidelines as the party’s operation is important and most PASOK members probably are on the same page as him.

Regarding the central party committee, the Finance minister made clear that it continues to enjoy the majority of the present government, a statement which caused the intervention of LAOS president, Yiorgos Karatzaferis, who said, “which majority are you talking about? If this is your way of clarifyinh that if the rest of us do not follow you, that you will continue on your course alone, then we are confronted with a political coup”.  

Nevertheless, Venizelos insisted that the “parliamentary majority of PASOK is what will guarantee the successful completion of the course of the Papademos government. We want it to be successful and we will do anything it takes to achieve this. I do agree there is a problematic communication atmosphere which causes concerns. However, I am not the one to speak about the relation of this government with the parties supporting it and even if I did it, it would not be nice”.