The meeting was supposed to be headed by the president of the Republic, Karolos Papoulias, and the rest of the participants would be the political party leaders. However, ND appears negative, saying they do not wish the convocation of such a meeting. 

Sources from the premier’s environment say that ND believe the framework and the mission of this government “have been decided already and will not change; there is a certain framework and we do not understand the politics of such a meeting”.

It is pretty concrete that the ND party objects to the effort of redefining what has been agreed upon regarding the Papademos government, which perhaps would influence the time polls would take place.

“For us, election day is February 19, a bit before or a bit later”, say at ND. The particular stance also shows the line Samaras will follow during his meeting with Papademos tomorrow.

In case the premier insists on getting some more time before going to elections, then it is expected that there will be a rupture in the relation between the two men.