This year the Holy days will be wrapped in the Christmassy white of snow as the latter did not pay us a fast visit, but looks like it came to stay.

In Kalavryta ski centre everything is ready to welcome the lovers of winter sports, and the same goes to all winter resorts across Greece which offer a pleasant staying for every… pocketbook. 

The first, opening day of the Parnassos ski resort was a success.

Nevertheless, many are the problems the drivers are facing on many road arteries of the country with the greatest being seeing in Evritania prefecture, where car chains are a necessary accessory. 

Moreover, chains will be needed in Florina, Kozani, Kastoria and Grevena prefectures and on the highway connecting Thessaloniki and Serres from the 300km on. 

Heavy snow falling was recorded near Domokos, on the old highway and traffic is very busy especially in the area of Sanatorio. Police ordered lorries to be parked on the sideways until disruption comes to an end. 

In Central Macedonia car tyres will definitely need some support, especially if the final destination is Kaimaktsalan, Seli and Tria-Pente Pigadia ski resorts. In East Macedonia, however, as well as in Thrace, the roads are clean.
More snow is expected on Thursday night in the north and west of Attica and also in areas near or around Thessaloniki.