The “I am not paying” movement is giving a xmas present to travelers by lifting the toll bars at the Afidnes station this afternoon. Drivers of course will have to pay the rest of  the fees at the stations of the national network. 

This new rally at Afidnes comes as a protest to the continuation of toll fare collection while the road works have stopped. 

But residents of northeastern Attica have an additional reason to react, as in recent months the consortium that manages the highway from Metamorfosi to Skarfia in Fthiotida sends payment notices to offenders and threatens with fines up to 20 times their price. 

The most characteristic case is that of the high payment order sent some months ago to a resident of Oropos, totaling 11.000 euros, when the value of his free passes did not exceed 550 euros. The case reached the court and and although there was an attempt for extrajudicial settlement, finally it was not achieved. 

The "Nea Odos SA" company has attempted to confiscate the car of a woman, a member of the movement "I am not paying." But they were prevented by members of the movement, and then the company froze the joint bank account that receives the pension of her 90-year-old mother, worth 1.200 euros, misinterpreting a memorandum law that was passed this summer. 

According to the movement, "the fight against toll fraud is at a focal point. While companies have stopped almost any project, they continue to outrageously collect millions in toll fares and aided by their political associates, terrorize their fellow citizens who lift the bars daily."