The New Democracy and LAOS leaders will have to be confronted with their responsibilities during the meeting with premier Lucas Papademos later on Friday, say governmental sources.

The prime minister will explain to both men that the conclusion of the PSI and the structural changes inlabour, insurance and the market are prerequisites for Greece if it still wants the 80 billion.

The main question, however, is what Papademos will do if the two leaders refuse to support him. He could either let the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias manage things, keep going hoping that they will change their minds or finally, continue with PASOK’s support only.

In the background of all of the above stands the negative prospect of a potential Greek bankruptcy. Already, the markets are “barking” suspiciously while Europe realized the danger and decided to convene the meeting of January 30.

If our country has not completed the PSI by that time, then maybe what was gained on October 26 could be at risk.