Premier Papademos and ND head Samaras’ meeting, on Friday night, concluded with the two men agreeing on what was already decided, also taking into account the new facts.

 The two men discussed all the political and economical developments along the lines of the euro zone crisis which creates a “cloudy” atmosphere for the Greek leadership and the country, too. Moreover, the polls were mentioned as well, still though with the final date being a mystery.

As most important issues were gone through thoroughly, ND says there is no need for a meeting among political leaders, and thus this possibility seems to move away from the present picture.

The main problem for the government remains the PSI programme, as during the negotiations concerning it, many will be the matters at stake, let aside that the discussions will take place among different governments, different banks and various individuals. The more the Greek leadership delays to end it, the more possible it is for it –the programme- to fail.

The premier wishes it to conclude, soon, too, so that the country can move on to the polls. As for ND, its wishful thinking is to see it drawing to a close until the end of February in order for elections to be proclaimed around March.

All high officials show a positive attitude when PSI comes to question but thorns are many, regarding especially some possible new austerity measures, to which ND appears negative. At the same time they might be necessary if the programme has to be concluded.

Two essential backlogs here are the supplementary pensions and the total inability of the three government parties to communicate.