Still bedridden in his cell, Ephraim is slightly better, today, according to the local doctor, who said that most probably he will be able to move within the next two-three days, nevertheless the final deadline for his arrest will expire on coming Monday, at 16:00 pm.

Although heavily ill, Ephraim himself said that, “I am a monk and have to appear in front of the judges… I am not sorry for myself, but for those behind this conspiracy”.

Both the Greek and Russian Churches, however, complained about the way Ephraim is being treated, while Igor Yakimchuk, the man responsible for the inter-Orthodox relations between the two Churches spoke about a “flimsily cruel” and “exclusively political” decision.

According to him, “this is about something unprecedented and our anxiety is natural. Even is, supposedly, Abbot Ephraim is guilty, the arrest of a Most Reverent is far too much”.

Moreover, Yakimchuk said that “to many people in Greece, this unpleasant event will be considered as a misfortune and will ruin the Holy day”. 

Also, from Greece, there have been voices against Ephraim’s arrest, like the complaint made by Apostolou Andreou Proklitou Institution.

By the account of the Institution of Saint Andrew’s vice president, MIhail Yakoushev, a Facebook page was created in support of the Abbot in custody.