His only pre-election commitment was and still is the safety of the low pensions. Something that ND FM minister, Stavros Dimas, also said he agrees on, thus convincing Labour minister, Yiorgos Koutroumanis to withdraw his relevant draft law.

Remaining on the issue, when governmental spokesman Pantelis Kapsis suggested Mr Koutroumanis’ proposal should be passed, Dimas said that “we made a decision to discuss everything thoroughly and inform the parties but we never said yes to cuts. If the relevant matter is tabled, we will vote against it”.

The issue has caused further dispute among the parties’ representatives participating in the government, but ND party insists that whatever the development, if the proposal is discussed yet again, they would still vote against it just like they will do for any possible cuts proposed after the New Year.

For the moment, the main ND concern remains its future, hopefully, a leading position on the political chessboard. After all, this is what its people are fighting for, leaving very few space for discussion -with the other sides involved. “Our position regarding the 19th February polls is known”, sayd ND spokesman, Yannis Michelakis, and continued, “we are only asking for a few more weeks’ time, always connected with the PSI development”.

ND wants to make sure that the present, interim leadership will fight solely for the fiscal stability of the country and will not work to fix PASOK party’s internal problems.