MIT agents have not managed to put such great fires in Greek forests as did the statements of former Turkey premier, Mesut Yilmaz. Speaking to the newspaper Birgun, Yilmaz said that during the premiership of Tansu Ciller, between 1995 and 1997, Turkish agents had been starting Greek forest fires!

Speaking of secret budgets of the time, Yilmaz said that, “all premiers, when their tenure is over and their successor comes along, they have to inform him of how the secret budget was used. This is what I and my predecessors have done. Erbakan, Ecevit and Demirel all followed the same path but Ciller did not. A certain, state report, speaks of the Greek arsons and the attempt for a coup in Azerbaijan, nevertheless it mentions nothing relevant to Kurds assassinations”, said Yilmaz.

During the time Yilmaz spoke about, a period in which most Eastern Aegean islands and Macedonian forests were in the eye of the firestorms, the Greek Secret Service also had information about possible arsons from the Turkish side, but premiers Papandreou and Simitis had not managed to gather the necessary evidence.

What remains to be seen, from now on, is whether or to which degree these revelations will affect the bilateral relations. Together with the FYROM name issue, it looks like the present or future Greek government will have a lot of “homework” to do, both on a local and international levels.