Low turnover and zero liquidity have created a hectic picture in medical companies which provide supplies to Greek hospitals and at a great extent this is because of the mismanagement of their basic client, the Greek state.
Taking the first step, suppliers decided to cut provisions until the government shows them a way out and pays them the debt.

Thus, they sent a letter to competent minister, Adnreas Loverdos, specifically saying that they will not be sending supplies to Evangelismos, Attikon, Aghia Olga and G. Gennimatas hospitals, in Attika prefecture and, the general hospitals in Larissa and Alexandroupoli, in central and nortern Greece.

Furthermore, suppliers warned the ministry that in case their money is not paid to them by the end of this year, they will take further action. 

“It is a tragic reality but the companies of the field are almost faced with bankruptcy, our only income being the payments of past years, from some of the state hospitals owing money to us”. 

Another letter sent to Defense minister, Demetris Avramopoulos, said that, also military hospitals owe them great sums of money, already since 2006, and he should take care of it as the situation is dramatic.