George Papandreou will be the last of the political leaders to meet the premier, on coming Tuesday, at noon, and with him the circle of contacts and meetings with the leading political figures, supporting the interim government, will close. Apparently, although there is a positive “climate” following those meetings, Papademos is kept on tenterhooks as his tenure is not yet defined and the PSI programme’s end remains unknown.

At the same time, election time question keeps “buzzing” the bell of his office, while the heated controversies among government members are almost a daily “dish”, despite Papademos’ efforts to calm the spirits.

Papademos and former premier George Papandreou had a chance to talk about Tuesday’s issues on the phone contqct they had, last Saturday, but most probably, among others, the two men will discuss even the PASOK party problems. The latter are a result of the atmosphere caused by the question of who is going to succeed Papandreou on the wheel of the party, something that appears to be creating lather among PASOK members participating in the present governmental scheme. It is said that this havoc caused government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis’ comment, against the “part-time ministers”.

Last but not least, the big “thorn” named polls is pricking the interim premier constantly as he has, on one side ND president Antonis Samaras who is pushing for elections and on the other side, PASOK leader, George Papandreou who needs more time and does not want to go to the polls earlier than the coming summer…