Nicola Gruevski pushes things to the limit and puts up an angry face as the Greek side shows him a hard face.

After Samaras’ denial to meet him and Papademos’ letter in which he was asking him to work closely with Greece in order to find a commonly accepted solution regarding the name issue, based on “erga omnes” principle, FYROM premier took on a rope pulling…

During a Skopje presser he called the Greek officials’ stance “extreme”! “This is the most extreme stance Greece has taken in the past years, explicitly showing they do not wish close cooperation with us on the name issue. They are avoiding meetings on every possible level”, said Gruevski.

Initially, the FYROM premier had sent a letter to the Greek premier asking his full consent so that his country could begin EU accession negotiations and then had sent one more to ND president, Antonis Samaras asking for a meeting with him.

Gruevski added that he is very concerned with Greece’s stance and that the latter chose to play the so-called “blame game” trying to show it is doing its best but FYROM is not cooperating with them. Continuing, he said that the present Greek leadership does not care about the name issue.

Gruevski made no comment regarding his country’s possible accession into NATO, in May, in Chicago, only saying that he expects to see how the Alliance will respond to Greece’s opposition concerning the matter.

Lastly, Gruevski said that, “even after the High Court’s ruling, Greece continues being negative when it comes to solving the name issue”.