“Greece does not accept pointers”, stated the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Gregoris Delavekouras, commenting on the Russian official statement that the Greek judicial authorities are in violation of human rights.

Expressing its deep concern about Athens' decision to remand the Abbot Ephraim, the representative of the Foreign Ministry of Russia Alexandr Lukacevic estimated that the Greek judicial authorities do not respect the recommendations of the European Court of Human Rights.

“Greece is a lawful state with a long democratic tradition and respect for human rights, where there is absolute respect for judicial independence and a clear separation of powers. For all the above reasons, Greece does not accept pointers”, was the strict reply from the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry, as delivered by its representative.

“We remain committed to the continued strengthening and deepening of Greco-Russian relations”, added Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr. Delavekouras, and pointed out that “Greece and Russia are linked by a deep friendship and understanding based on common spiritual and cultural values of both countries. The two peoples, participating in the common tradition of Orthodoxy, which was transferred from the Byzantium to Russia, have developed strong links between them, which were transformed over the centuries into unbroken relationships of trust and brotherhood”.

Despite the efforts of Athens not to turn the case of Mr. Ephraim’s custody into a political and diplomatic crisis between Greece and Russia, it is obvious that the arrest of the former Abbot of the Vatopedi monastery has angered the Moscow regime.