The weather will be unsettled tomorrow, Friday the 30th of December. Sporadic thunderstorms will occur in the seas and snowfall will occur in the mountains. In the rest of the country, sporadic rains and clouds will cover the skies. Phenomena in the west and eastern Aegean, will be strong.

Weather: showers and thunderstorms
Winds: southerly, 3-4B
Temperature: 5-13C. 2 to 3 degrees lower in the north.


Weather: overcast, localized rains
Winds: variable, 2-4B.
Temperature: 2 -8C.

Macedonia and Thrace
Winds: variable 2-4B.
Temperature: -10-10C, 4 lower in western Macedonia.

Ionian, Epirus, the western mainland and western Peloponnisos
Weather: overcast, with rainfall and storms in the afternoon. Snowfall in the mountains
Winds: southerly 3-5B, southeasterly up to 6 in the Ionian.
Temperature: 3-13C, 5 lower in Epirus.

Thessaly, the eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos
Weather: overcast, with rainfall and storms. Snowfall in the mountains
Winds: southerly, 3-4B
Temperature: -02-14C, 3 to 4 lower in Thessaly.

Cyclades and Crete
Weather: rainfall with a chance of storms.Snowfall in the mountains of Crete
Winds: southerly 3-5B.
Temperature: 9-15C.

Dodecanese and eastern Aegean
Weather: overcast, chance of rain in the south
Winds: southerly 4-5B
Temperature: 7-15C. 3-4 degrees lower in the north