Increases in the weighted average of 9.2% for electricity tariffs were decided in the cabinet at the recommendation of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister, Mr. George Papakonstantinou.  This development unfortunately confirms the story that published in the morning, according to which which increases will approach 10%, following the PPC’s request for19% and the recommendation of the Regulatory Authority for Energy for 12%, from January 1st onwards.

According to Mr. Papakonstantinou, “of the 9.2% increase, only 1.1 units is the net benefit for the PPC (change of energy costs). The balance relates to cost increases in utilities (3.5 units), and the impact of taxes (2.6 units excise tax on natural gas, 0.9 units for the lignite fee change, 1.1 units of VAT).

The bottom line of this directive, however, can already be found in its first line, which states that “Energy and electricity are absolutely essential to citizens”.