The members of the political council will come to Ippocratous this Wednesday at noon aiming at a frontal collision with president of PASOK George Papandreou. In anticipation of his suggestion in the past few days, the opposition camps are discussing all possible scenarios, while the case of a possible break-up is strengthened by the day. 

Papandreou has no other choice than to show his cards and put a timetable on procedures for internal party elections, if he does not want to risk the unity of the party. The leading members seemed to agree among themselves to speed up processes, but Papandreou’s spokesman Panos Beglitis, did not exclude the possibility of the president of PASOK proposing the conduct of party elections after the national ones. 

In such a case the members of the political council said they will disagree. Thus, leading members are already moving toward the exit door, sensing as they say, that Papandreou mocks them since the day of his resignation. 

Many top members have contacted the members of the political council to investigate their intentions. Almost half of the members are openly expressing their views on leadership change, while rejecting the scenario of diarchy, that is one president, and a different future prime minister. They argue that such a development would only suit Papandreou, who would remain in command of the party, avoiding to directly receive the blame of an election defeat, since the candidate prime minister will be another person. But such a case would hardly proceed, as it would be very hard to find an available victim.