The case of the two financial prosecutors, who resigned yesterday denouncing interference with their work following an investigation carried out by prosecutor Mr. Makris, has been archived. At the same time, the amendment filed by the ministries of Finance and Justice was withdrawn after the government viewed it as the root cause of the dramatic goings-on.

Early on Friday afternoon, the filing of a written statement by both financial prosecutors Spyros Mouzakitis and Grigoris Peponis to the Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor was completed, in the framework of the investigation being conducted in response to the complaints from two of his colleagues on the vested interests that prevent them from exercising their duties.

In a written statement delivered to Mr. Makris, both prosecutors state that they will not clarify the persons that interfered with their work, but they let it be known that those interests which became obstacles are known to all.

The bill was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the case of the two prosecutors.

Everything points to the conclusion that the two prosecutors will be kept in their positions.