All the modern means of technology - including social networking sites - have been used by Vatopedi in order to press for the release of Abbot Ephraim, who has been placed in custody in Korydallos prison over the Vatopedi scandal.

Thus, pages with supporters of Ephraim have been created on Facebook and Twitter, which however include many negative comments about Ephraim.

“We condemn this ‘odious’ legal ‘crime’ which took place in Athens on December 23rd, 2011, against the church and Elder Ephraim, Abbot of Mount Athos Vatopedi Monastery”, notes the group of 1,121 supporters on Facebook.

The two pages are and #% 21/GerontasEfraim/followers.

The brotherhood of the Vatopedi Monastery is determined to “carry the cross” that Ephraim has been called to bear, after publishing a notice through which they characterize Ephraim's imprisonment as unjust.

Through the statement it is noted that all actions taken by Ephraim had the approval and acceptance of all the Vatopedi members.

Here is the statement issued by the brotherhood of the Vatopedi Monastery:

“The unjust detention of Elder Ephraim shook the hearts of our brothers of the Holy Monastery, Mount Athos, the Church and all intellectual and thinking people.

Who would have thought that people who sacrificed themselves for their neighbor, living selflessly in a lifetime's worth of obedience, fasting and prayer, would be treated as common criminals and thus be imprisoned?

Who would imagine that a body of divine grace, a worker and teacher of virtue, would be taunted and imprisoned because some believe that they are serving the laws of justice? All actions of the Elder had the approval, acceptance and support of all of us. We are informing the faithful that the brotherhood is united and beloved, and stands by the Elder, raising his cross of martyrdom in faith and hope. 

We empower the united support of the entire Holy Mount, all the Bishops of the Orthodox Church and the people whom we thank deeply. We would like those responsible to know that by imprisoning the Elder, they are also incarcerating the entire Vatopedi brotherhood of 120 monks”.

Abbot Ephraim is estimated to be kept in the - E- prison wing, in which those accused of economic crimes are mainly kept and certainly not those who have committed serious acts of violence.