Sunny weather from Monday January 2nd 2012, with a small increase in temperature. Frost for North Epirus on Monday morning. 

Attica will have local cloud in the morning, mostly in the East and North. Winds will be 3-4 Beaufort, the temperature 4-14 C.

Thessaloniki will have sunny weather and local winds at 3-4 Beaufort, whilst the temperature will range from 1-9 C.

Macedonia and Thrace

Pleasant weather with sporadic cloud. Winds 3-4 Beaufort. Temperature -1 to 10 C.

Ionian islands, Epirus, the western mainland, West Peloponnese

Pleasant weather with local cloud in the south. Winds are going to blow between 3-4 Beuafort and in the Ionian 5 Beaufort. The temperature will go up to 14 Celsius. In Epirus it will be 5-6 degrees lower.

Thessaly, the eastern mainland, Evia, East Peloponese

Some cloud locally in the eastern mainland and Evia, but also sunny spells. Northerly winds between 4-6 Beaufort and in the East 7 Beaufort. Temperature up to13 Celsius.

Cyclades, Crete

Cloud and local rain, mostly in the north of Crete. Northerly winds, 5-7 Beaufort and the temperature up to 13 degrees Celsius.

East Aegean, Dodecanese

Local cloud, mostly in the North. Winds from the north, 5-7 Beaufort and up to 8 in the south. Temperature up to 14 C.