One of the most crucial meetings of the political council of PASOK for the future of the party is scheduled for Wednesday, January 4. At this meeting everyone is waiting for chairman George Papandreou to reveal his cards and inform the members of the institution on his intentions. 

In recent days, consistent reports indicate that Papandreou does not want immediate action with internal party polls, but prefers internal party elections to be carried out after the meeting, while there is even the possibility that he will recommend the postponement of dealing with party matters for after the national elections.

Unlike him, the intraparty opponents want an immediate change of leadership through elections from the base of the party. Despite their differences, the potential successors seem to agree that the longer internal developments are delayed, the more the party will succumb to the polls and be discredited.

Members of the political council are expected to react to the attempt by Papandreou to buy more time once again. Some of them might be Tonia Antoniou, Nikos Salagiannis, Yannis Michas, Sylvana Rapti, Paris Koukoulopoulos, Nikos Androulakis, Kostas Pantazis and Kostas Askounis.

And it is quite possible they will be joined by a few more members. Some confide in their colleagues that they will vote against any of Papandreou’s proposals, with which he will confuse rather than clarify party processes.

However, top PASOK executives insist that this time they will not accept "the familiar obstruction attempts by George." Many are willing even to leave PASOK and form another political party.