Three days after the express archiving of the relevant file, Areios Pagos warns that if new evidence arises in the case of economic prosecutors Grigoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis, it will be retrieved from the archives. 

The two prosecutors seem prepared to submit additional evidence, as reported today by Mouzakitis, hinting at the quick completion of the investigation carried out by Fotis Makris, the deputy public prosecutor of Areios Pagos. 

It is worth noting that Mouzakitis said that both himself and Peponis verbally gave names and evidence relating to their accusations about interference in their work. 

Mouzakitis said: "This morning we went to the Areios Pagos Prosecution Service to get the result. Why did they archive the case? Makris gave us five days to produce evidence. What we provided was not a memo but a rough note. We had verbally informed all our heads on our evidence. By what right, what consideration, did they say that we acted on impulse?" 

On Friday, Makris announced the closure of the case. As to his relevant findings, he noted that "the sole reason that led the two economic prosecutors to resign was the amendment of the finance ministry, which in essence eliminated them." He added that the inquiry did not indicate any interference in their work and that the resignation request was due to their impulsiveness and over-sensitivity. 

It is noted that the finance ministry's intention was to amend law 3943/2011 so that the position of financial prosecutors would be filled by deputy Areios Pagos prosecutors and not by appeals prosecutors, such as Peponis and Mouzakitis.