Until he shows his intentions for the taxi sector, the deregulation of the trucking sector will be the priority for the memorandum responsibilities of infrastructure minister Makis Voridis. 

Troika returns on January 15 when the minister should have advanced the processes for the deregulation of the occupation that formally began on January 1, 2012, but gets delayed until the passing of the amendment that will expedite the full deregulation, and the issuing of a joint ministerial decision to determine the amount of the fee by which new licenses will be issued. 

An informal bartering has started among motorists and the ministry for the price of the license, the latter thinking of about 1,500 to 2,000 euros and professionals seeking to determine it at 5,000 euros for the first ton, and increase it by 500 euros for each additional ton. 

Before the holidays, and after meeting with Voridis, the union decided to keep mild tones for the deregulation of the profession, suspend the strikes and gave priority to dialogue with the ministry to find a solution. With the coming of the new year, the dialogue should be accelerated but margins for changes are slim. 

Reppas’ law had set the initial amount of the truck fee at 10,000 euros for the first ton, 2,000 from the second through the seventh ton and 1,500 euros from the eighth through the 40th ton. Thus, the cost of issuing a new permit for a 40-ton truck amounted to 71,500 euros, and for the tanker trucks at 27,000 euros for the first ton and 3,000 euros per ton from the second until the 42nd. In a span of three years there would be gradual depreciation of the cost of a license, so that in the end it could be eliminated and have only an administrative fee for its purchase. 

Given the forthcoming changes in the institutional framework, the price of the license has currently fallen below 10,000 euros. At the same time, the industry has taken on a huge decrease in traffic due both to the deep recession that has hit the sector as well as the illegal transport by especially Bulgarian trucks, that roam our country and offer low-priced transportation.