In general the weather will be fine on Wednesday with southern winds of up to 5 on the Beaufort scale, but during night hours and as we move into Thursday frost will make an appearance in the central and north parts of the country.

In Attica, fine weather will welcome people in the morning with southern winds of up to 5 on the Beaufort scale. The temperature will be between 3 and 14 C while in the North will be slightly lower.  

In the greater areas of Macedonia and Thrace and in Thessaloniki in particular, the weather will be fair, but the temperature will be lower than in the capital and will reach a max temperature of 11C whereas in the early morning hours of Thursday it will get frosty in parts.

In the Ionian islands in Epirus and in the west parts of the mainland and the Peloponnesus, it will be cloudy with and possibly, rainy, too. Low temperatures will remain, with the highest reaching 15C and the lowest -1C.

In Thessaly, Evia, East Peloponnesus, the Aegean islands, the Dodecanese, Cyclades and Crete it will be mild and cloudy in certain areas while the temperature will not top 14C.