According to government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis, the country’s risk of exiting the euro has not been eliminated.

"Everything will be judged in the next three to four months. And this is the reason for the existence of this government. We must sign the loan agreement, otherwise we are out of the markets and out of the euro," he said in an interview on SKAI TV channel. He added that there are many business and political forces that want us to return to the drachma.

Asked about possible new measures, he said there "probably is a need for additional measures"; however, this has not been discussed yet.

Moreover, he said there is no question of a reshuffle at this point, while in terms of the functioning of the government, given the different views of the parties supporting it, he said that under the pressure of necessity there will be an accordance of views.

Regarding elections, Kapsis said they will probably come around April.

Referring to the issue of the two economic prosecutors, Kapsis stressed that the government's position remains that "all issues will be brought to light", while now there is a question of justice and prosecutors should explain their stance. "If there are accusations, they must be brought to light."

Asked to comment on the recent statement by President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias, who said that Papademos is under "fire", he answered that the government is in need of support.