"ND is only dealing with the elections and PASOK with the succession." This phrase, from a close associate of the Prime Minister and a member of the government too, reveals the pressure wielded on Maximos Mansion. On one hand, they received a huge list of outstanding issues and a tight schedule from the Papandreou government and on the other, they are seeing the ministers of PASOK dealing with the succession race and ND with the polls. Lucas Papademos believes that any matter on the agenda that reaches beyond the economy, misleads the public and hurts the government. "Because Greeks should know what would happen if we default", close associates of the PM say.
The prevailing view at Maximos Mansion, with absolute respect for intra-party procedures in PASOK and ND, is that the parties must respect their own choice to form a new coalition government. In any case, the PM is determined to bring to the cabinet every decision that Greece needs to get the 89 billion for the next tranche. Beyond that, everyone will make their own decisions:
-ND as to whether it will attempt to avoid its responsibilities, and
-       PASOK ministers, a majority inside the cabinet, as to whether they will implement the decisions
Τhe PM’s environment expresses the hope that tomorrow the political council will clarify things for the former ruling party and that its members will once again go back to their governmental work. Otherwise, there is the choice of a reshuffle as well.