Several days have passed but the notorious case of the resignations of the two prosecutors responsible for financial cases, which then turned into a fiasco as the case was archived, with the two prosecutors remaining in their posts, is still in the spotlight. 

Earlier on Tuesday, the deputy prosecutor of the High Court, Fotis Makris, sent a letter to both Gregoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis, according to which he is asking them to present all the evidence they have in their hands related to the case and the reasons that led them to resign by the coming Thursday.

As recently as Monday one of the two prosecutors, Mr Mouzakitis, said that the case was archived way too quickly, implying it was not examined in depth by the High Court. 

Prosecutor number two, Gregoris Peponis, speaking to a reporter from the “Ethnos” newspaper, said that together with his resigned colleague, Spyros Mouzakitis, they will provide Justice with the names they have mentioned before, who have had a certain involvement in their case. Moreover, they are about to compose an extensive explanatory report in order to shed more light on the case.