The meeting of PASOK’s political council is about to take place this evening, with backroom discussions on what will be announced by PASOK leader George Papandreou.
Until Tuesday afternoon, all information said that Papandreou would disagree to withdraw from the party leadership, and try to remain at least until summer. Either by using the "tool" of diarchy, or by trying to stall so that the elections get postponed beyond June, compared to the national elections.
In the case that he will promote diarchy to be voted in the coming national council, then it is possible he will suggest a person …beyond suspicion.
The opposition camps in PASOK are also on hold. Their reaction will be immediate. The sides that are "against" the president stressed that they will accept nothing less than the immediate start of proceedings. "If we want to save the party we should move quickly," is their view.
At the same time, close associates of the president are recommending a national council in late January, a conference in the spring and then elections. Until then they hope Papandreou will have found the outlet he is looking for. Besides, this was the theme of the meeting of his close associates at Ippocratous. It was not scheduled for him to attend and his colleagues met only to try to predict the reactions of the council members.
However, members of the political council appear ready to raise the issue of leadership and push Papandreou to clarify his position on whether he will be a candidate in the next inter-party elections whenever they occur.