Once Papandreou’s position on electing the new president after the national elections became known, staffs of top members went to work immediately. Venizelos, Loverdos, Chrisochoidis, Skandalidis, Ragousis, Diamantopoulou and others say that the solution should be clear. There should be an election for president and candidate prime minister from the base and under the party statute because if they elect a candidate prime minister and Papandreou remains as president, they all assume that this format will fail. 

The members' attitude was tough in the meeting as well. "Mr. President, you should go to the elections alone if you want to be president," said Tonia Antoniou. Nick Salagiannis, Sylvana Rapti, Yannis Michas and others asked for "clear solutions". 

Now everybody awaits Papandreou’s response. If he insists all options are open. even if political council members insist on the voting, one must assume that there will be reactions by leading members, followed by a request for the immediate convening of the PG and the national council. 

The until recently ruling party is in an extremely difficult position: 

    * MPs say they will not be candidates if Papandreou remains president
    * top members are seeking other ways, even speaking about the possibility of a break-up.