Administrative officials and other individuals have interfered with their missions, said Gregoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis, the two prosecutors responsible for financial cases through their memorandums which were sent to the deputy prosecutor of the High Court, Fotis Makris. 

The two justice officials do not mention any names; nevertheless, they clearly state the fact that a certain someone from the political arena in the country was very upset regarding their findings during the investigation they had to conduct.

In the same memos, the prosecutors have written that they were asked even to expedite three of the cases they had been working on, but none of the two is evaluating the facts.

This coming Monday, both men will appear at the High Court for yet another time so as to explain what kind of pressure was put on them and by whom.

Judicial sources say that Peponis and Mouzakitis might be prosecuted for not having mentioned the meddling earlier on.