The first declaration from a high profile PASOK member who has already expressed an interest for the “next day” and the presidency of the party comes from Michalis Chrysochoidis.

The minister of Development, Competition and Shipping did actually say that the premier has recognized and praised his contribution, something that “honours” him, but at the same time he is accusing Papandreou of an “unrelenting obsession" which is leading them all to a waste of valuable time. This lost time will cost PASOK and Greece as a whole dearly”. 

Chrysochoidis said that “the party needs a president and the country some progressive governance propositions”. 

If what Papandreou has proposed is accepted, it would mean we are all agreeing to remain quiet over the ruins.

The aforementioned development confirms the story published by, last night, regarding the wrath of high profile party figures connected to the Papandreou maneuver, who suggested to the political committee that they should deal with the election of PASOK’s new president after the national polls.