PASOK is entering the final phase to solve the problem of its leadership, as all realize that they should make their final decisions on when and how to elect the new president at the critical meeting of the national council on January 14 and 15.

Nevertheless, the close environment of Papandreou maintains two kinds of thoughts: Firstly, to have some delay in the proceedings on the pretext that Papademos' government ïs going through a critical phase, and secondly to ensure some role for Papandreou so as not to be treated as a scapegoat and become marginalized. The scenario of diarchy seems to have subsided considerably after its rejection by the political council.

The would be successors generally keep a low profile, except Michael Chrysohoides who criticized openly and strongly  the diarchy scenario and accused Papandreou for obsession.

Venizelos refers to his previous placement in the political meeting ("to be done with everything until January 15"), while Andreas Loverdos said that he will work for the unification of PASOK.

According to information already since Thursday, and in view of the national council meeting, there have been backroom processes to achieve alliances among the dauphins, or agreements between Papandreou's block and other forces regarding the role of Papandreou in the next day of the party.

In any case, the prevailing scenario now is for elections by early February or March the latest, in order to elect the new president.