The Troika’s visit to Athens, the PSI negotiations and the new measures needed to complete the new loan agreement will be the focus of the meeting between PM Lucas Papademos and ND president Antonis Samaras. The meeting will be held on Monday afternoon at Maximos Mansion. The two men are expected to discuss the additional reduction of supplementary pensions as well as reductions in minimum wages and in the 13th and 14th salaries. ND has expressed reservations about these measures, although officials from Maximos Mansion have given the impression that they are a prerequisite for the next tranche. As is well known, ND does not agree with these reductions.

Papademos is once again going to ask for cooperation from ND in order to avoid any problems in the negotiations for the PSI and the disbursement of the next installment.

In the coming days, possibly on Tuesday, Papademos will also meet with PASOK president George Papandreou and LAOS president George Karatzaferis.