Today Monday, Grigoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis, the two financial prosecutors will once again see Fotis Makris, the vice prosecutor of Areios Pagos, in order to further explain the "nuisances" they received in their work.
Last Thursday, they submitted two handwritten memos of about twenty pages to Makris, which indicated that they were informed of the desire or dissatisfaction of some minister through an intermediary person, to speed up or close three different cases they have been handling. The two prosecutors clarified they did not receive a direct interference by a minister. 
During their meeting with Makris, they will clarify whether the "nuisances" of such persons were just hints or interference with their work. Their answers will determine the future of the case. That is, if a preliminary investigation will be ordered, if the case will be archived, or if Peponis and Mouzakitis will be investigated (criminally and disciplinarily), if proven they did not report or did not act immediately, as they were required, in criminal acts of third parties.