The premier, Lucas Papademos, has decided to follow a different tactic and met with the political leaders in order to inform them that if they do not support the necessary governmental measures, the Troika will not sign for the next installment and Greece will default. The same will happen even if the country goes to early polls since that would signify the unconcluded talks between the Greek representatives and the Troika inspectors. 

During the Christmas holidays, Papademos held talks with the French and German leaders but also with  the IMF and ECB heads, and they were all very pessimistic. If Greece fails to comply with what’s been dictated by them all, then the scenario will be endlessly bleak and the omens bad. This message was mainly destined for New Democracy and LAOS party leaders, Antonis Samaras and Yiorgos Karatzaferis respectively.

However, when it comes to George Papandreou, the “menu” is different as the main problem is the succession process which might cause further upheaval to the already shaky political stage.

In any case, Papademos will tell the others that as far as he is concerned, he will do everything he has promised to fulfil as long as they support him, too, instead of trying to backstab him in order to accomplish their own political goals.