SEV president Dimitris Daskalopoulos sent a message to GSEE to engage in dialogue on wages, so that the social partners find a new equilibrium in the average labor cost in order for companies to remain operational. 

Daskalopoulos said that "in the dramatic circumstances in which we live we must preserve, not demolish the labor achievements of recent decades. We expect GSEE at the table of social dialogue to prove that we can do this ourselves, and not wait for our decisions to be imposed from outsiders."

Three points were discussed at the first informal meeting between the employers' organizations (SEV, ESEE, GSEVEE, SETE):

-   maintaining the minimum wage
-   freezing of wages and maturities for three years
-   reduction of non-wage costs

On the dialogue table there are alternative proposals for the 13th and 14th salaries. Businessmen want to introduce a salary cap up to which gifts and benefits will be sustained. And they will ask not to necessarily issue the 13th and 14th salary on the higher salary scales.

Alternatively, they suggest that the amount of bonuses and allowances be determined by the company, according to its economic progress and the productivity of the worker.

The issue of cutting the wage bill has been strongly placed on a high government level, but ND denies that the Troika has asked for several of the measures put forward for discussion.