Snow, rainfall and stormy winds

Weather: overcast with sleet, temporary snowfall in the mountains and possibly in the northern suburbs.
Winds: northern 4 – 6B and 7 – 8 temporarily in the east.
Temperature: 4 – 8C, 3 less in the north.


Weather: overcast.
Winds: northern northwestern 4-6B.
Temperature: -3 – 7C.

Macedonia and Thrace
Weather: overcast, increased in eastern Macedonia.
Winds: northern 4 – 7B.
Temperature: -3 – 7C.

Ionian, Epirus, western mainland and western Peloponnisos

Weather: mild.
Winds: northern northeastern 4 – 6B.
Temperature: -2 – 10C, 4 less in Epirus.

Magnesia, Sporades, eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos

Weather: overcast, with rainfall or sleet in the lowlands and transient snowfall in the mountains and the hilly regions.
Winds: northern northeastern 4 – 6B and 7 – 8 in the east.
Temperature: -3 – 8C, 3 less in Thessaly.

Cyclades and Crete
Weather: rainfall, storms and snowfall in the mountains.
Winds: northern northwestern 6 – 9B.

Dodecanese and eastern Aegean
Weather: rainfall, sporadic storms and snowfall in the mountains.
Winds: northern 6 – 9B.
Temperature: 7 – 12C, 4 less in the north.

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