The eruption of violence in during Christmas alarmed the Police officials who decided to put their action plan back on the table. Firstly they will strengthen the DI.AS. team with 80 new officers that began training today, while overall 300
policemen have allegedly joined the police force the past few months.

It was also decided to increase night patrols with vehicles, as the ministry of citizen protection realized that the Greek citizens can not afford anymore the wave of crime that is hitting the country.

The truth is that the decision of the Police Headquarters shows that crime has errupted while the DI.AS. group have weakened in the recent months, since it only has 1200 combatant officers from the 2160 men and 1002 motorcycles it numbered when it became operational in March 2010.

The statistics show in the most typical way that last year the crime rates exploded beyond limits. In 2011 only the DI.AS. group captured 222 robbers, 1241 thieves, 66 purse snatchers, 397 people carrying a gun without permit, 2472 defaulters, 802 Greeks and foreigners for possession of drugs and 1508 illegal immigrants. It found
844 stolen cars, checked 481,711 people and performed 28,577 detentions.

These figures show that especially in Attica the DI.AS. group carries out essential work, and despite its heavy losses managed to retain its effectiveness rate in particularly high numbers.