“There is no issue of firing workers in the public sector on our agenda”, underlined minister of Administrative Reform, Demetris Reppas, also adding that “the accordant agenda is being structured by this government and the relevant minister”. He characteristically said that the labour reserve matter is over. 

More specifically, Reppas said that 10,000 workers who were near pension limits left labour reserve and 54,000 more are to follow. Moreover, the minister said that the lists of the ministry will also include employees who chose to leave as they realized the new law would affect them, too.  

By 2015, it is expected that around 150,000 workers will have left according to the signed memorandum and the promises the Greek state has to fulfil. Reppas added that he is working closely with the representatives of the Troika as they are very interested in the matter, pointing out the big difference in the number of civil servants between 2009 and now. He said that the present money saved from the decrease in their number reaches 2 million euros.