At a time when Greek citizens are experiencing the hardest fiscal measures and face severe problems of survival, parties in the Greek parliament have increased the amounts they receive as state aid, as well as the aid "for research and educational purposes" in order to finance the various institutes they have established.

More specifically, the interior ministry document presented by shows that the total funding of political parties in 2011 rose by 6 million compared with the money they received in 2010.

In detail, the parties received 54,018,624 euros as regular grants in 2011. The corresponding figure in 2010 was 48,800,000 euros. The same amount was 68,208,000 euros in 2009 and the election increased it to 85,135,050.

According to the interior ministry's response to a question by Democratic Alliance MP Lefteris Avgenakis, PASOK, ND, KKE, LAOS, SYRIZA and the Green Ecologists (as a party in the European parliament) received a total of 4,823,089 euros for 2011, compared to the 4,000,728 euros they obtained in 2010 to finance, in turn, various institutes that have been set up to "take care" of their own boys, partisan children and bill posters!

Provoking society

Regarding the strengthening of the 2009 elections and the extra state funding received by political parties for "research and educational purposes":

PASOK received 3,084,772.47 euros as electoral support in 2009, 1,768,724.80 euros for the institutes in 2010 and 1,941,547.36 euros in 2011.

For 2009, ND’s electoral support was 2,932,510.15 euros, 1,344,300 euros in 2010 and 1,517,818 euros in 2011.

KKE received 602,940.19 euros in 2009, 418,936 euros in 2010 and 466,526.6 in 2011.

For the 2009 elections LAOS received 346,073.03 euros, for 2010 356,412 euros and for 2011 389,063.72.

SYRIZA received 371,039.65 euros in 2009, 321,866 euros in 2010 and 347,366 euros in 2011.

The Green Ecologists received 191,614.51 euros for 2009, 155.902 for 2010 and 160,769.72 euros for 2011.