The government is trying to dispel the impressions that arose after the intense speculation that PM Lucas Papademos has told his social partners that should they fail to agree to reductions in the 13th and 14th salary he has decided to proceed with relevant legislation. According to PM circles the issue has been raised for discussion and its outcome will be placed before the troika, whose decisions will determine the further actions by the government.
Through its chairman G. Panagopoulos, GSEE warned of protests, while at a press conference Dora Bakoyanni opposed with such a measure.
Sources from Maximos Mansion pointed out that our lenders asked for this measure so that the social partners can discuss its implementation. The aim is to strengthen competitiveness and boost employment. Social partners are discussing compensatory measures to prevent the gift reduction for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, since they believe that such a reduction would further weaken the purchasing power and create problems for pension funds. The results of this discussion will be placed on the negotiating table with troika, which will return to Greece next week.
Wednesday afternoon Maximos Mansion denied that, while speaking to reporters the PM said that the decrease in the 13th and 14th salary is a prerequisite for the loan agreement and that if the social partners do not reach an agreement he will bring a relevant legislation to parliament.