Day after day, top PASOK members are openly expressing their views regarding the internal rift connected to the race to succeed the party’s president, George Papandreou.   

Education minister Anna Diamantopoulou sent a letter to the National Council members and Papandreou himself, saying she considers his stepping down a given and suggests that the new president be elected according to the party’s charter, but before that and in order for the candidacies to be submitted, the National Council should convene straight after the new bailout tranche agreement is signed and the PSI procedure are concluded. 

All candidates should be incompatible with the exercise of ministerial functions, wrote Diamantopoulou, clarifying that “if polls come up all of a sudden - equalling unfavourable developments for Greece - then we will go to the election process with a new leader chosen from the parliamentary group, since George Papandreou’s commitment is granted.”

The minister expressed her full support to the government headed by Lucas Papademos, explaining that “what matters the most is the country’s salvation.”

Last but not least, she makes a call for “peace and quiet” among leadership members as, according to her, the premier has to remain calm and undistracted.