Things are heating up in PASOK in view of the national council this weekend, which will be preceded by the political council on Friday.
In this context, and while waiting for Papandreou’s return from London, with rumors of a surprise move on his part, Evangelos Venizelos concluded his meetings with the top members of PASOK yesterday. The finance minister advocates a clean and immediate solution, and has as his main purpose the avoidance of intra-party conflict.
Kostas Skandalidis, Miltiadis Papaioannou, Vasso Papandreou and other PASOK members are moving along the same lines.
Apparently Michalis Chrisochoidis will insist on his candidacy, a prospect seriously considered by Harris Kastanidis and Louka Katseli as well. It should be noted that in the case of many applications, Venizelos is likely to withdraw his interest.
Earlier today, Anna Diamantopoulou sent a letter to George Papandreou, calling for the election of the new leader before the national elections but after the loan agreement.
The education minister poses the issue of prohibition for a minister-candidate and thinks Lucas Papademos should be helped to reconstruct the government. Thus, she asks everyone to stop talking about the elections.