In October 2011, the rate of unemployed people in Greece increased and reached 18.2% compared to 13.5% in October 2010 or even 17.5% in September 2011.

According to the data presented by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the Greek jobless increased –in October- by 219,478 compared to the same period last year and by 45,869 compared to September 2011, with the final number being 903,525 people.

The employed population has reached 
4,065,775, which means they saw a 303,768 drop from October 2010 or 7.0% but increased if compared to September 2011 by 14,666 or 0.4%.

The people who are financially inactive, and thus not having or seeking for a job are now 4,382,356. In comparison with October 2010, their number increased by 118,605 or 2.8% whereas it decreased by 57,694 people if compared with September 2011 or 1.3%.