Friday January 13
Weather: lightly overcast throughout the country, that will increase and bring rain in the west and north in the afternoon. Snowfall is expected during the night in the mountain regions mainly of Epirus and western Macedonia.
Temperature: -6 – 10C in the north, -3 – 14 in the west, -3 – 11 in the mainland, -1 – 13 in the rest of the continental areas, and 4 -13 in the Aegean and Crete.

Winds: southwestern moderate in the central and northern Aegean, northwestern moderate to strong and stormy in the afternoon in southern Aegean, low in the Ionian and moderate to strong in the eastern Ionian.

Weather: sunny and cold.
Temperature: will reach 12C with frost forming in the northern suburbs during the morning.
Winds: western moderate in Saronikos and southern Evoikos, increased to strong in Saronikos during the night.

Weather: sunny and overcast in the afternoon.
Temperature: will reach 8C.
Winds: low.

Weather: overcast with rain in the west, central, north and the eastern Aegean, with snowfall in their mountains and hilly areas.
Winds: northwestern 6B in the high seas.
Temperature: -6 – 6C in the north, 0 – 16 in the central areas, and 0 – 16 in the islands.

Weather: sunny but overcast in the afternoon.
Winds: northern 4B.
Temperature: 4 – 13C.


Weather: rainfall in the lowlands, sleet in the hilly regions and snowfall in the mountains mainly in east and south of Magnisia, eastern mainland, Evia, Sporades, Kyklades, eastern Aegean and Crete.
Winds: northern up to 7B in the Aegean, and western with the same strength in the south.
Temperature: -3 – 6C in the north, 2 – 13C in the central areas, and 10 – 16 in the islands.


Weather: overcast with intervals of sunshine.
Winds: northern 4 – 6B.
Temperature: 1 – 8C.